Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My prayer today...

Praise the Lord for He is faithful,
and His grace is sufficient and amazing.
He directs our steps and makes our path straight.
His ways are higher than our ways,
His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.
He works all things together for good,
for His children whom he loves.
He holds us close in times of distress
Keeping us safely in the shadow of His wings.
He leads us gently through valleys unknown,
He provides water to drink,
He provides the sun for growth.
He longs for us to turn to Him -
To see His face -
To worship at His feet -
To glorify His name.
Let our lives glorify your name.


Dejah said...

Praise the Lord, and Amen. That is a great word full of Truth.

Dejah said...

Oh, and also I love your layout... do you give lessons, I need some serious help. :o)


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