Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Unforseen Blessings

My broken dishwasher has been such an incredibly unforseen blessing. Yes I admit I am constantly washing dishes, and yes my fingernails have taken a beating and my hands need extra lotion, and yes I'm usually washing dishes when company arrives because every day I forget how long it actually takes me.

But...how often before did I take time to intentionally do work that would keep me in one place for 15 minutes or so? Basically the kitchen sink has become my refuge in a day filled with busyness. It has become my act of intentional service. It has become my time of prayer, reflection and my time to slow down and reprioritize my thoughts.

When my dishwasher broke I remember saying over and over again "why me?" Of course it broke at a time when my washer was already running at half capacity, mice had found a way to sneak in, I was struggling to naturally rid my cat and my house of fleas and my kids were in and out constantly with their dirty summer shoes and clothes. Since then we gave up the natural approach and quickly got rid of the mice and the fleas, school started and my husband surprised me with a washer he found on clearance. But honestly I'm in no hurry for a new dishwasher.

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