Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

For more on NOT ME MONDAY head over to Mckmama's blog to get the rules on how to play and read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week.

And I am NOT in need of this guilt free confession time. Another week and I have NOT totally slacked on blogging and I am NOT totally sorry to the handfull of people who read what I have to say.

Last week I did NOT drop off our oldest daughter for her first time at "Junior High Camp". She did NOT try to avoid my hug when I dropped her off at the bus. The next two girls did NOT fight for the rest of the week. Seriously one kid missing does NOT make that much of a difference. While the oldest was at Junior High Camp she did NOT nominate me to come help out at youth group and you know what? I am NOT actually excited about doing it.

On Friday it was NOT my favorite neighbor's bday and a group of girls went out to dinner and then to the University Theatre for Improv Comedy. I did NOT only know a couple of the girls that went and found myself feeling NOT a little insecure. At the Improv I did NOT laugh the WHOLE time even when it was seriously NOT not funny. Like other people were rolling their eyes and there I am NOT practically rolling out of my seat. I'm just NOT like that. There was one of the players and he was NOT a little overweight and his clothes were NOT on the tight side of things. Toward the end of the show somehow, maybe in running around, his pants did NOT seem to be pulled up a little higher than what I would think would be comfortable and he was NOT bulging out of one side. I could NOT not even look his direction and I was NOT with a bunch of church girls who had ordered virgin mojitos at the restaurant and they all did NOT laugh uncomfortably at the site of bulging private parts. It was NOT disturbing, but my husband did NOT laugh his head off when I gave him all the nights details.

On Saturday my friends son did NOT have his first bday party and even though I only brought one child I was NOT still incredibly late for the party. That's just NOT how I run. My son did NOT try to steal his bday toys and his cake.

Yesterday was NOT my husbands big 3-0 bday and he did NOT have to work! I have been praying for ways to encourage him lately because I know he's NOT been stressed about work and money so while sitting in church I did NOT think at the very very last minute to throw him a surprise party. And you know what? It did NOT turn out fantastically! I invited just a few guys from his mens group to come over, stopped at Costco because I finally did NOT have an excuse to buy their gigantic chocolate cake, and then we went home and did NOT work our butts off cleaning the house and the yard. I did NOT exploit the neighbor kids by paying them a dollar each for about three hours of moving wood around the yard, weeding and folding laundry. No I'd NEVER do that. Well, I also promised them a piece of that gigantic cake and I think they were NOT more than happy to perform cheap labor. Carlos, the little neighbor boy did NOT keep hugging me over and over. Hehehe:)

The party was NOT a success for super last minute deals. My husband was NOT happy and totally encouraged and I felt like the answer to my prayer was better than I had hoped for.

This morning I did NOT drop my second child off for camp and did NOT almost cry when she did give me a big hug and then gave one to each of her siblings. So NOT one of those proud mama moments.

Btw, I do NOT have a few planned posts that should be up sometime this week. So stay tuned:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

He Has a Bigger Plan

I haven't written much lately because I've been at a loss of what to write.

You see I have SO much on my mind that all that is coming out even in my conversations lately is rambling. Rambling on in my own mind's language that sometimes I don't even understand.

Plus I'm feeling needy.

And I have been trying to figure out what God wants me to do with what information I've been given.

Information about girls today growing up thinking they are too much to handle, getting out of control and losing hope.

Girls turning to boys and other things like cutting themselves to ease their storm like emotions.

Girls who are nice, naive and beautiful, taken advantage of and left with scars on their soul.

This morning at church I was feeling weighed down by my burdens and therefore needy myself. And very thirsty. The worship was so beautiful and I just sank into it, listening to the words most of the time and meditating on His Holy presence.

The song that really got to me was this one which talks about God being there for us "again and again". And it also says God is everywhere and during that part of the song they showed pictures of all these beautiful places and I'm telling you it was really powerful.

By the end of worship my cup was full and I felt the weightlessness of my burdens lifted.

Then I turned around right afterwards and met some new people. They are moving to the area because they are the new directors of a Christian youth organization. I talked to them for awhile and the conversation turned to how they are setting up programs from scratch and of course they'll be needing help with that. Hmmm...of course the wheels in my mind started turning.

Something to pray about.

Then I took my kids to a local church where they supposedly had a carnival taking place. The "carnival" consisted of one blow up slide and a little bouncy house. Well, my kids actually didn't complain...except Azzie, who is almost 12 and complains about most things, until she starts doing it and forgets that she wasn't supposed to be having fun;)

A familiar face called "Jewel" and I recognized a girl who had been in a teen parents program which I had worked for a few years ago. She had been a teen mother and her beautiful daughter is now 7. She's also married and a stay at home mom, but she's also faced her share of trials, ones that humble me.

I won't go into details about it, but I'll just say they've faced numerous medical issues with her daughter. Things no mother is prepared to face.

She said she missed the teen mom's program and really wishes they had some follow up program. I think she knows about MOPS but I think what she's needing is more than what they offer. Again the wheels were turning.

I am so thankful to see that God has a plan and if I just focus on Him and let Him carry my burdens and drink His Living Water, that's all I need. He can take care of the rest. He will take care of the rest.


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