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Beth Moore's Blog
She is my favorite bible study teacher and I consider her my spiritual mama, even though she hasn't met me. Her indepth studies always take me to deep places, empty out the trash and refill me with the love of Christ.

Lisa Bevere's Facebook
For some reason Lisa's books sat on my shelf gathering dust for way too long before I opened one up and read what she had to say. I eventually heard her on a local radio afternoon talk show and decided to see what she had written. Since then I've devoured every one of her books and watch her tv appearances and follow her to conferences. Yep, I stalk her. But everything that she says penetrates me to the core of what I didn't know that my heart wanted. Make sense? Have you ever heard someone and even though you are at a huge conference it seems like their words were meant just for you? That's what I mean. Her book "Out of Control and Loving It" changed my life! Her book "Nurture" encouraged me in my pursuit of good friendships and inspired the name of my blog. "Fight Like A Girl" helped me better mother my girls. Something I also love about Lisa is her passion to be a world changer. She not only speaks about modern day slavery, she goes into the slums of calcutta and saves little girls! And after all that when I got my book signed by her she looked me in the eyes and embraced me like we'd been friends for years.

Focus on the Family
I grew up as a Focus on the Family child. My mom had come from a disfunctional family and my dad had been an orphan and they looked to Dr. Dobson constantly for direction and support. So now so do I. I love that they have a wide range of radio shows on issues of parenting, family finances, nutrition and I really love their blended family support.


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