Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year

I love this time of year! New possibilities, like the morning where God's mercy shines brightly, reflecting off of winter frost, blinding with hope.

Two years ago early on I read 1000 Gifts and began the practice of recording my thankfulness. Last year I started naming them before I rose each morning.

 And I noticed something...

Looking back there is not the same feeling that I've had in years past that I'm glad to be done with it! It was hard! I'm glad that's over!

Instead I see God's faithfulness, even in the hard times. I see that His promises did not fail me. I see the teaching. I see the leading. I see the moments!

My best friend prompted a thought in me that's been swirling around over the last few days...What if I begin to live this year without the worry about tomorrow? What if I choose each day to know that in the end I'll see the whole picture, the whole story?

I'll see that He was faithful.

I think about how that might change my days. How that might result in me being more available to the ones who I love and the people in my path. I resolve to choose the right now this year. I'll probably fail, but always knowing that in my weakness He is made strong.

Be still and know that I am God.


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