Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Is All I Got

First of all if you haven't gone and visited Megan's blog, head on over and check out her "Week of Giveaways". In celebration of posting 500 times (wow, I'm so behind her) she has some really cute handmade items and the contests are wrapping up soon so don't delay!

And on to cute things said by my kids. I just love them and seriously laugh all day long at the amazing way they view the world.

Ruby and I were shopping at the local grocery store when we noticed a couple of birds flitting and flying through and above the produce section. We watched them for a few minutes before getting on with our shopping trip. When we were leaving the store Ruby said "Mom, those were cute girl birds." I said "How do you know they were girls?" She said "Well, they are mommies". "How do you know they're mommies?" "They're at the grocery store!" Haha, yep, that does make least around our house.

Emma came in from playing in our very diverse neighborhood. Well, actually we sometimes feel like the caucasion minority. Some kids were telling Emma that she was "just full American" and she was not happy about it. After asking insistantly what else she was I finally said "European-American". She said "A what??? What is a 'peein' American'?" I started laughing and then she said "No Mom, you're a peein' American!" I almost died!

And on to more serious matters. The last time I posted I wrote about Maryam and Marzieh. I was feeling completely burdened for them and decided to go on a little fast/hunger strike until I heard word on them as well as something else that we've been praying about. At dinner on Tuesday I seriously felt like I was gonna die! I had planned to make one of my least favorite meals (one that the rest of the family begs for) so I cooked fish and chips. I mean, greasy store bought fish stix and crinkle fries from a bag...eww...

But while I cooked them they looked and smelled soooo yummy. Seriously it was a pitiful sight. Me going back and forth in the kitchen not knowing what in the world is going on and praying that we would get the answers to our prayers so that I could dine on the grease....

I still haven't heard about either thing (I don't know how long the trial was going for so I'm sure prayers are still needed) but I did cave in to the food.

I know, I know, people go for much longer than that without food and don't act as dramatic as me! My husband pointed that out kindly when he saw I had a plate as big as his.

I broke my strike with faith that the prayers are already answered, whether I know what's going on or not.

And again back to non-serious things (I said this was random). I've been spring cleaning like a mad woman and we're getting ready to have a yard sale this weekend. I'm feeling so good about going through each room and purging our lives of excess junk. I really hope someone else wants our junk.


Christabelle said...

Hey, last time you had a garage sale, Abigail got some GREAT clothes! She was very sad to put a few of them away.

I pray your prayers are answered. I'm not much good with fasting either. And really can't right now anyway.

Ruby and Emma are so cute! Josias still remembers Emma from MOPS and has the idea that he might meet up with her if he ever went back to Washington.

Thanks for the updates! I enjoy hearing from you.

Kellie said...

I will never look at the birds in our stores parking lot again! All those mama birds out shopping!

I always tell me kids that hunger makes the best seasoning, I know you must have been H-U-N-G-R-Y when your least favorite food looked good!

You are right, God has Maryam and Marzieh...He is already victorious!

I LOVE spring cleaning! Looking forward to hearing about how well you did on the sale!

Megan said...

Those kidlets of yours are just too funny! lol I can totally hear Emma saying that you're a peein' America. Haha!

I could never do a fast. I would about die! Good for you for trying though. Sending prayers to those ladies!


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