Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some Random Beautiful Things

Have you listened to Sara Groves? I just want to share how much I love this girl! I love how she cares and wears her heart on her sleeve. I love how in the second video she looks as if on the verge of tears most of the time. I love her priorities as a mom. I love how she lets her flaws out there and she also lets them go. Her music has been a soundtrack for my life for years now, since I first heard "How is it between us?" on the radio and thought she sounded like Sarah McLachlan.

She and her husband were on Focus on the Family yesterday and if you didn't get a chance to hear, take a listen at their website. Btw, today they have Les and Leslie Parrot on so I'm betting it's worth listening to as well. They're relationship experts who teach here in the Northwest at Seattle Pacific University. I've always gotten good practical stuff from them.

I also want to tell you about Bible Study this morning. A lady named Cheryl Haskins came and shared with us about going through difficult transitions in life. And she knows. Her husband died in October of a sudden heart attack. She talked about what she has learned about trusting God through this. It wasn't some fake unrealistic she can praise the Lord and not miss her husband type of talk. You could tell that her trust was real. Her trust was on a deeper level than I have ever experienced in my life.

I know I had the look of being on the verge of tears the whole time.

It was amazing though. Amazing and beautiful that this time she normally would be taking for herself, she's sharing her wisdom with all of us women. Amazing that she didn't cry the whole time, although I was sitting close enough to see her eyes watering.

She talked about the three things that she KNOWS to be true. 1. God is faithful, 2. God is in control and 3. God has a plan. She went more into each of those and everything she said was so right with what I sensed in my heart.

This day started out with my two year old suddenly acting a little terrible, my nose running and waking up right as the bus passed our house (without my daughter). I almost didn't go because with all the circumstances I felt like I should stay home and try to achieve some peace, some order in the chaos.

I found that, but not in disciplining my kids and cleaning my house. I found that today in bringing my focus back to Jesus. (Of course after I got home my kids went down for naps and I got my kitchen clean, but my attitude was better).

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