Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things Kids Say: Neighbor Edition

I'm just trying to get caught up here:) I feel like I've been away for awhile, in some ways physically away and other ways mentally.

So, this is a little bit funny and a little bit sad and it makes me think...hmmm, what do my kids mumble to people we somewhat know?

I dropped Emma off at her karate class and decided to walk with Ruby to the Dollar Store. I saw a couple of girls from Azzie's school, Chelsea and Elizabeth.

In Second Grade I volunteered in Azzie's class and that's when I met Elizabeth. She came in from recess and inquired what I was doing.

"Correcting papers" I told her and then she showed me her cell phone. "I'm waiting for a call."

"Oh yeah?" I smiled.

"Yeah, you see I just found out that I'm adopted and it didn't go well. So, now I'm waiting for my 'parents' (she actually used finger quotes) to call so we can talk."

I did NOT know how to take what this little girl was telling me. I sensed she was telling me a story, but I had not been around a lot of second graders so I didn't want to assume anything.

"Yeah", she continued. "They really dropped a bomb on me with this." She shook her head and I think class had to get started.

So, when I saw them outside of Dollar Plus Chelsea said "hi" and I smiled and said "Hi Chelsea, how are you?" Then, "Are you girls having a good summer?"

I think Chelsea said something like "Yeah, lots of fun," but Elizabeth said "NO!"

"Oh, why not?" I asked.

"Well, my dad (she forgot the finger quotes this time) just leaves us home alone all the time. And when he is there, he just ignores us."

I think I said something like "Well, you're right, that wouldn't be fun."

The sad thing is I know telling stories like that comes from somewhere, but it is kind of funny too. I'll have to remember to pray for Elizabeth.

And on a totally cute note, Ruby and Brayden were playing House in their room while I was in with them but resting on Ruby's bed. Ruby said "I need to go get a baby bottle out of Emma's room, Mom, can you watch Brayden for me?" She was totally serious! She is such a little mama. I just laughed and said "Sure honey, I'll keep an eye on him for you."

(Here's Ruby with all of her babies.)

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