Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Me Monday! - My first attempt

I love reading Not Me Monday! started by MckMama. I shied away from trying them myself because, well it just seemed a little too difficult. Not the part about writing things backwards, but the part about remembering what I did yesterday not to mention details from a week ago.

You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Or you can see what my BFF Megan did NOT do cuz she's who started me on this:)

Well, here I go.

This weekend was so NOT hot and humid!

My husband left on Friday to go to a Motor Cross race about five hours away so I was home with the kids. I did NOT have lots of plans. I was going to NOT be painting, NOT cleaning and NOT getting my kids grown out of clothes organized.

I did NOT do absolutely nothing!

I did NOT decide that watching P.S. I Love You was a good idea while missing my husband. It was NOT not a good idea.

On Saturday I did NOT decide in the early morning hours that jeans were a good idea for the day. Then continuing to have bright ideas I did NOT attempt to take my kids to a local country fair in the blazing heat.

I did NOT feel like I was going to pass out after being there for only half an hour.

I am NOT a baby when it comes to either extreme of weather.

While I was NOT struggling with the children in the heat my husband was NOT sneaking into the VIP area of the races. I was NOT so proud of him for that is something I might NOT do;)

After the fair I did NOT change into a NOT too skimpy dress, reserved only for desperately hot occasions;) Then I did NOT take my girls to a birthday party. I was holding Brayden and my brother in law came over with a video camera to "give Brayden a close up". I really think he was NOT getting a close up on my breasts. I did NOT feel majorly annoyed with him and my dress and the heat!

On Sunday I figured out how to be happier in the heat. It did NOT consist of eating lots of sour watermelon candies and drinking sugary lemonade. Then I did NOT drive around in my air conditioned gas guzzling suburban, giving up all together on housework! Of course NOT!

That's all I've got. I have NOT forgotten what happened before Friday and Saturday.

P.S. How'd I do Megan?

1 comment:

Megan said...

LOL Just saw that you did this. Sorry for my blog slacking. ;0P

You did fantabulous!

Glad you found a way to beat the heat. Did you see on the news that people were going to the local lakes for "late night" swimming? (it wasn't really that late. lol)

I also did NOT avoid all housework and cooking!!


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