Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Crazy Story

Well, we're away from home and actually I'm sitting in front of a huge plasma TV typing on a little device called Logitec. Sort of like a big phone key board.

And I just found the regular keyboard and it is a lot easier.

Seriously this is the life. Well, sort of. I was hoping to do some other writing this week on my "vacation" but I'm feeling kind of blocked by all this luxury. Plus, I'm chasing after my kids to keep them from damaging anything or spilling on the carpets or furniture.

Speaking of which, I feel like all I'm writing about lately are crazy dramatic happenings.

So, this morning I decided to take a shower in their HUGE master bath...did I mention this is my dream house? I brought Brayden in with me because I wanted to keep an eye on him and set him up playing on the floor. After a few minutes Ruby burst in to tell me something, I don't remember what, because I was irritated that she allowed my son to escape.

I was almost finished rinsing my hair and so I let it go and Ruby left the room following Brayden.

There was a mirror, a HUGE mirror, held up by large pieces of blue painters tape. I'm guessing the mirror had come unglued and they taped it up before a permanent vanity could be built.

I opened the shower door, grabbed a towel and suddenly this horrible crash happened behind me. I screamed and I think I jumped back in the shower and turned around to see that GIGANTIC mirror crashing to the ground into hundreds of pieces.

Crashing to the ground right where my boy had been playing only a couple of minutes before!!!

Angels were surely watching over him. I'll upload a picture of the disaster later, but for now I have some cleaning to do.

I called my husband right after it happened and he said "Oh no, we were afraid that would happen somehow." I'm sorry for the snottiness in light of the whole situation, but next time someone is afraid something could happen, please let me know. Okay? Thanks:)


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

OH MY WORD! that is the worst story ever! I shudder to think about the what ifs...


Christabelle said...

It's funny those little irritations are sometimes God's blessings in disguises. Praise God He protected your little one! (And I hope you gave Ruby a hug.)

Kellie said...

Oh no! So glad the baby had escaped before the mirror fell!

There really isn't ever a dull moment is there!

oh and key board to control the tv....I can barely work the remote for the cable!


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