Monday, July 13, 2009

Ten Things I Love About Him

1. He's handsome. I'm sorry to say but that's important and I remember being a young girl, unsure about how my life would unfold and I clearly remember thinking "What if God has an ugly guy picked out for me." I am picturing the pouty face as I said it too. LOL

2. He challenges me...a lot! I like being challenged but sometimes it hurts. Before we got married I was really a spoiled little girl and I had no freakin clue!

3. He's a great daddy. That is why I fell in love with him in the first place and I have tried to remember that while facing challenges that come along with being a blended family. He was a sweet daddy to his little girl. Then he adopted my little girl. Then he put up with and actually loved having girl after girl and living a life surrounded by pretty ladies:) Now I watch him with his son and can't imagine a more tender and loving as well as playful and challenging father for our kids.

4. He is an amazing provider for our family. He works hard six sometimes seven days a week and so I can be a home maker and be here for our kids.

5. He loves the Lord. I remember having the picture of the perfect spiritual leader, you know the guy who tenderly takes out the family bible every night for devotions. We have had family devotions maybe once during our marriage, but he is an amazing leader by example as well as by being faithful to listen and obey God when it comes to relationships. He's so good at seeing how each person in our family is unique and therefore has their own set of unique needs for their soul and spirit. I'm glad I forgot about "Mr. Family Devotions" because otherwise I might have missed the annointed man of God my husband has become.

6. He loves me. I was listening to Focus on the Family the other day and they were talking about the physiological differences between male and female brains. They were talking about women's brains being like a ball of yarn (I like the thought of spaghetti more still) and men's brains being like drawers and how they have a "nothing drawer". I thought my husband would get a kick out of it so I asked him to listen. As soon as he started listening they started going on and on about how women need to be touched tenderly, carassed and hugged. I laughed at him rolling his eyes and saying "of course". But later, he caught me in the kitchen, gave me a big long hug and a couple of kisses on the forehead and told me he listened to that and he would try to be more tender because he loves me. Ahhh....that will stay with me for a long time:)

7. He's a guy's guy. I love it that guys like my husband. I also love it that he takes that as a serious responsibility and tries to be someone who is worthy of being looked up to.

8. He's a very good lover;)

9. He works on our marriage. He goes out of his way to be a better husband, even going to marriage conferences...okay so we've been to all of one, but still, he enjoyed it and learned from it and applied what he learned when he got home.

10. He's my best friend. I have heard that your husband isn't supposed to be your best friend and I disagree. I mean, of course it's important to have friends who are the same sex because there are some needs for both women and men that can only be met by someone who truly understands, but my husband is definitely the one I want to run to and tell as soon as something great happens. He's definitely the one I miss if I don't see every day.


Christabelle said...

I love this, Jewel! You have a very awesome guy! I most appreciated the line about how you might have missed who your husband was in your idea of family devotions. My husband, too, leads by example. His faith is seen in what he does, and I have learned I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for sharing!

Megan said...

So sweet! Does he read your blog? You should show this to him if he doesn't. =)

WonderousWomanRetreat said...

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Kellie said...

I agree on #10. The Mister and I are best friends. Actually "best" isn't a good term, because its more than best! But he is definitely my dearest, most valuable, sweetest friend and I pray that friendship only grows deeper!

Jewel said...

Yes, Megan, I told him about it, but instead of reading it he just said "I hoped you mentioned sex". I shook my head and said "of course..." lol, and so I think I'll have to change the order putting that one at No. 1 before he reads it;)


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