Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm outta here!

I know, I just got back.

I actually get to go with my entire family to housesit for one of my husband's builder friends. They live in a very nice house...okay it's my dream house. No joke.
I visited one of the houses they built (and my husband finished for them - he's a finish carpenter) and I said "Yup, honey, this is the house I want." The floor plan was perfect and it had everything I'd dream of having in my own house. There is a trend toward big open living spaces but I would like to have a formal dining and living room and a butlers pantry and a wine cellar.... ~sigh~

This house is the same floor plan but has some extras like a movie theater, and a water slide in the back yard.

How nice of them to let us come take care of it for them...seriously with our five children? What are they thinking?

I know I posted a picture of our dining area awhile back and the reason I haven't updated it is because it hasn't changed and now the living room looks like that as well.

I think I mentioned it before but our house (built in 1912) was built before drywall must have existed. Most homes at the time uses plaster but there was an alternative....wall paper.

So, that's getting covered with actual drywall (never take it forgranted) and then I get to pick out paint colors. My inspiration is a mug from Starbucks. Then he's going to put new trim on and I'm insisting he go big to keep with the feel of the old house. Then the hard wood floors are going to get sanded and stained a nice dark walnut color.

When we return it's going to be very very pretty.

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Kellie said...

Can't wait to see pictures!


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