Sunday, February 8, 2009

Refreshing rivers of living water

I spent Friday night and most of Saturday at a women's conference and I sit here this Sunday morning with such a feeling of awe at the greatness of God.
I went with such a feeling of expectation which is kind of weird for me because thinking about it I approach things a lot with shrug and an "egh". (I'm really finding what a challenge of a child I can be to my Father).
So, I'll just tell you some of the highlights because there was so much meat for this hungry girl that I'm still processing a lot of it.

Meeting Lisa Bevere to get my book signed. I have to say I'm one to be star struck by pretty much anyone who I feel is superior to myself and in turn have known to say stupid things that later I rehearse over and over in horror. So when I was in line I threw out all the witty phrases I was trying to come up with and decided to say nothing. But then when I was standing there in front of her and she was making a comment about my name I started crying and blurted out that I loved her book and how it spoke so clearly to my heart and my longings and she looked at me and took my hand and said that it's because there is something deep within her heart that spoke and connected with something deep within my heart. She talked to me like she knew me and she actually talked to everyone like that. I hope I can someday have that ability. The ability to treat everyone like my best friend and make people feel valued and loved.

Lisa's transparency in talking about her heathen days of wearing short shorts and a bakini top everywhere and then her days as a new believer when she was full of firery zeal but was learning how to be a good christian woman. A good christian woman who wears panty hose, skirts and does not have tattoos. Later she would be horrified with this woman who she'd become and go back to find what she really liked and would figure out that God is good, but God is also dangerous. "He's not a tame lion." -C.S. Lewis

There was a question and answer time with all of the speakers and I Joanne Ramos from City Church said "If you want your husband to stop acting like your child you need to stop being his mother and instead be his wife."

Lisa talked about how we need to embrace how God created us as women. She was talking about the sword of the spirit and she said "With a sword, men fight in wars, but women dub knights." Along the same lines and also talking about Christs' return she said "Men plan wars, women plan weddings."

Melinda Knight, co-pastor of The Rock Church shared about her story of dealing with infertility, experiencing an almost adoption where the birth mother changed her mind at literally the last minute (after Melinda and her husband had taken the baby girl home from the hospital) and then she showed pictures of her 10 month old adopted baby girl, Seven. Yep that's her name. She sang a beautiful song about lifting our eyes up to Jesus.

A big part of the event was sharing the message that we MUST do something to stop human slavory. They were selling bracelets that were made by grandmothers in Cambodia. Grandmothers who's job it was to watch over the little children so that they would not be kidnapped and sold into slavery. The bracelet says "ITS NOT OK".

When I got home, the house was quite clean and the kids were all happy to see me and ready for bed too. My husband is the greatest dad. He didn't protest or complain once about being in charge while I was gone. Love you babe!

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