Saturday, April 4, 2009

Roughin' It

No hint of sarcasm whatsoever. We will really be roughin' it or living simple with only basic necessities for a week. Shelter, food, clothing and each other.

The girls have spring break and we're heading out on Monday morning for an eight hour drive across the State. My family has a log cabin East of Colville and we're going to be staying there without electricity, running water, indoor toilets or television.

My kids had mixed reactions about it when I told them. Azzie was like "Huh? We're gonna do what?" Shariah started pouting because she was hoping to spend her spring break with her friend Lindsey who's been attached to her hip lately. Emma started crying because she thought she heard us say that we were not coming back until Fall and she was devastated to miss out on preschool.

On the other hand, Bill is excited to hunt for turkeys and I'm excited to have a time of bonding, getting back to the basics of what we need from each other and from God. Yes, my Beverly Lewis books have definitely inspired me a little.

So, you could say we need this.

I am just hoping and praying for a few things. One, that I would get better because I've been dealing with a yucky cold for a few weeks now and I'm sensing that my immune system is really lacking. Two, that things wouldn't be too ramshackled when we arrive there. I'm really hoping no pack rats have moved into the empty cabin. And lastly that we would have a wonderful time as a family. Quite often I get my hopes up and then let down with all the whining and complaining that seems to take place on long car rides.

My hopes are definitely high and I wish I could blog about our adventure. I'll just have to make some journal entries the old fashioned way and take some pictures of course and upload it all next week.

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Megan said...

Wow! Good luck! I'll be praying that it all goes smoothly and you come back refreshed. =)


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