Monday, April 6, 2009

We're still at home...


We've had to postpone our trip until the middle of May because we received word that there's still two feet of snow up at the cabin. I guess they've accumulated eight feet this whole winter. Amazing huh?

Also, my yucky cold took a turn for the worst and I woke up on Sunday morning feeling like a bag of burning bricks had been placed upon my chest which made breathing rather difficult. So, I'm on antibiotics and feeling somewhat better.

I'm really disappointed but I'm sure we'll have fun around here this Spring vacation.

And while I'm thinking about all the snow I'll share this fond memory.

We lived up there at Molanda (the cabin - I think my dad and his hippy buddies named it that). My parents were married up there and then we lived there until I was about four or five. My sister was a baby and my mom decided she wanted to leave behind simple living for convenience. There is a difference.

It snows up there in November and usually accumulates about five feets worth. It then melts off by April and for those five or so months we spent indoors with a wood stove keeping us warm. Snow shoes were kept by the door and my parents knew the true feeling of cabin fever.

On the other hand to my brother and I it was nothing but fun. When we had to go for our weekly trip into town we'd get all suited up in our snow suits, boots, hats and mittens and pull out the sled. Then we'd sled down the half mile to where our car remained parked throughout the winter. We'd travel into town taking care of laundry, shopping, visiting and such and then tired we'd make our way back home. My mother parked at the bottom of the hill and after a long day in town she'd stick my brother and me in the sled and pull us back up to our home. We were tired and I'm sure we'd fall right to sleep when we got there. My mom on the other hand would have to go back down for one or two trips and then pull up our grocercies, clean laundry and anything else that needed to come to the house.

When I just told her we might head over there despite the snow she was like "Nooooo...don't do it!"

What? I just remember the fun.

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