Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't forget these children!

Here's another that I'm passing along. http://www.fireinmybones.com/ is a good blog, and especially today is worth reading. J.Lee Grady is in Mumbai, India and talks about an organization that feeds 800 children every day.

Also, Melissa, Beth Moore's daughter, is in Calcutta, India on a trip with Compassion International. She's writing about it in the Living Proof Blog at http://www.livingproofministries.blogspot.com/

I really loved this paragraph from Grady's article:

"I used to ask God why people suffer like this," Biju told me as we drove through the narrow dirt roads next to rickety, one-room houses made of tin and scrap wood. "Finally I came to the place where I stopped asking questions and started being the answer."

It was just pointed out to me that Angie Smith at Bring the Rain is also on the Compassion International trip.

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Megan said...

Have you read the blog Bring The Rain? She is the wife of Todd, who is in Selah (sp?). She's also in Calcutta right now. She is one amazing woman! http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/


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