Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where's the privacy?

This is too funny not to share, although maybe a little too much for the family website.

On Sunday morning I wasn't feeling great so I decided to take a long relaxing bubble bath. Yeah right. My husband was gone with the older girls so part of the reason for taking a bath was so I could keep an eye on the little ones. So, I lay there in the tub with Brayden and Ruby standing over me splashing their hands in the water having a great time, which was fine for a little while but after a few minutes I had had enough.

I pleaded "Children, can I ple-e-ease have a some privacy?" Brayden doesn't know that key word yet but Ruby said "Okay Mommy" and ran out of the room. I thought that was a rather quick response but then Brayden followed after her and I took advantage of the moment of peace and closed my eyes.

A few minutes later Ruby called from the living room, "Mommy, where is it? I can't find it."

I thought "huh?" and said "Where's what?"

She said "Where's the privacy? I can't find it for you."

I thought about how I had worded my pleading question earlier and laughed at the way three year olds take things. Then I guess she gave up her search because I didn't hear anything more and Brayden was now climbing over the edge of the tub so I was done.

Later Ruby came running downstairs and happily exclaimed "Mommy, I found it. I found your privacy." She had in her hand a uh-hum...certain feminine product manufactured by Playtex.

And yes, it all made sense, why she would call that a privacy. You see, before I thought that bathroom privacy was completely necessary I did have an unfortunate experience with a underestimatedly articulate two year old digging in mommy's purse and explaining to an entire bank where you put one of those "privacies".


Dejah said...

Hahaha! That is Great! I love how they think. What a classic example of "kids say the darndest things". She is so stinkin cute.

April Willard said...

I love this story...and the bank story, I remember hearing about that one. I've gotta share this with my baby board, I know they'll appreciate it :)

Megan said...

Hahahaha Love it love it love it! Ruby is just the cutest. And I totally remember when Shariah shared your "privacy" with the whole bank. heehee


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