Thursday, May 13, 2010

All Or Nothing I Say...

I've avoided telling you this but I'm afraid I have to spill it so bear with me and try not to roll your eyes.

I'm on the extreme eating plan once again, otherwise known as a Daniel Fast. Fruits, veggies, rice and beans is all I'm eating. I've cut sugar, gluten and dairy and well, quite frankly, I'm miserable!

I must be going through withdrawals or something and I don't even know which thing I cut out is to blame. I think maybe gluten because last time I did this I still ate whole wheat flour.

I'm moody!
My throat hurts!
I'm feeling super bloated...
I'm moody...
My body aches...
My restless leg syndrome has returned (?)

But I'm on day 4 and in a couple more days I should be feeling great! And hey, I am obviously an all or nothing girl, along with my all or nothing husband so this is what we gotta do.

You may be wondering what is it about this particular diet/fast that keeps me coming back again and again. Well, when I was talking to my mom about it a couple of days ago the reason came to me.

While I was growing up our diet consisted mostly of beans, lentils, veggies, rice, soups and well that's about it.

Every once in awhile we'd complain...probably when it was lentil night...and my mom would tell us the story of Daniel and his friends and how they refused to eat the Kings rich food and instead ate "pulse" (beans and veggies) and when it came time to test the men, Daniel and his friends were found to be stronger and smarter than the men who had eaten the Kings food.

The story was told so many times that it just stuck I guess.

I didn't realize that another reason we ate that way was because we were pretty darn poor and that's what we could afford.

Until when I was about eleven years old I went to a friend's house for dinner. This friend's mother knew what my mom served at our house and she made it a point to serve my brother and me steak for dinner. She informed me that steak was "real food" and I should go home and tell my mom how much I enjoyed it. Then she went on to yell at her children for accidentally tapping their forks on their plate.

Yeah, to this day I'm not a big fan of steak.

And sometimes I'm scared if my silverware clinks on the dish.

Stay tuned for some yummy vegan recipes....


Megan said...

Well, at least you're doing something. I just keep eating crap and I'm afraid I'm just getting bigger and bigger and while I HATE it I've lost motivation to do anything about it. L-A-Z-Y should be my first name.

Hope you start feeling better soon! =)

Eve said...

Wow - and I bet you were a lot healthier and more energetic than her kids ever were! Sheesh! I like steak as much as the next person, but it's definitely not the healthiest meal available. ;)

My husband and I are doing something similar. We've decided that during the farmer's market months (May-October) we will only be eating whatever can be purchased from the farmer's market (aside from a few basics like rice and milk, which we're hoping to be able to purchase from a local dairy / farm) - so basically veggies, fruits, berries & sometimes meat when the poultry or lamb guys are there (they only come out every few weeks).

We're just so disgusted by what we hear about how our food is processed and handled and we want to eat fresher and healthier.


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