Friday, January 29, 2010


...Not perfection right??? I've been slower on my "plan to eat better and be healthier" than I was planning but I am making progress so I'm proud of myself. I do tend to be a discouraged perfectionist sometimes and when I can't do it perfectly I get overwhelmed and give up altogether. If you don't believe me look at my laundry room which I have given up on at the moment.

I haven't stuck with my fast perfectly. I blame my husband who said he is NOT going completely without meat this year. So for the first few days I was eating good during the day but when he'd get home I'd eat a big dinner. I also wasn't completely staying away from sugar and I was considering french fries "veggies". I know they are but deep fried veggies aren't on the plan;)

But for the last few days I've been being good and sticking with my fast. Remember no meat, no sugar, no hydrogenated oils....well instead of telling you what I can't eat again I'll tell you what my typical day looks like. I wish I could post pictures because all these fruits and veggies is making very pretty meals.

Breakfast ~ oatmeal with some blueberries and honey or cheerios with rice milk.

Lunch ~ a sandwich with hummus, cucumber slices and red pepper slices on Ezekiel bread or a spinach salad with cranberries, cucumbers and walnuts with low fat raspberry dressing.

Dinner ~ Brown rice, beans with homemade salsa basically every night.

I considered coffee "fruit of the earth" and am continuing to drink it although I cut back to a cup a day and drink it black. I've been drinking green tea instead of my afternoon cup.

As for my working out I've been going to zumba 2x a week and getting my cardio in. I've also been doing "core training" (put in quotes because I don't know if I'm using that term correctly). Basically I'm using my early 90's abs and buns videos....gotta love the spandex though. ~Did you know kids are wearing those again???~

My stomach muscles separated after having each one of my kids, but after having Ruby they never had a chance to go back together. Since my stomach is basically doing nothing to help carry my weight all that pressure has been on my back. This explains so much since my back has literally gone out several times since Brayden was born. I'll be bending over to pick something up and wont be able to stand up. It's bad.

So, this whole thing is long overdo.

And now I'm going to go clean my laundry room...:)

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Anonymous said...

way to be a superstar! keep up the good work gorgeous!


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