Friday, January 8, 2010

Back on the Blog

I've been so sporadic over the last couple of months that I don't blame you if you just roll your eyes and shake your head at the thought of me and anything I would have to say. I don't blame ya!

I needed a break....from everything! Of course, that's impossible...I'm a mom. I get a break when I have laundry so backed up I have to make a trip with a car load of clothes to the laundry mat, and isn't that nice?!? Well at certain times it's nice and other times you'd think you stepped into an episode of Blind Date. Yeah, Friday nights I stay away:(

I'll tell you later why I had to stay away for so long. I'll also go into more details about what's going on now. For now you some small tidbits of what I've been up to...

A kitchen remodel. I can't stop smiling when I go in there and look. This has been long coming and really long coming since we have had all the materials sitting in our garage blocking my way to our meat freezer! It's going to be beautiful. New cabinets, new flooring, a new more open floor plan. A big new refer and beautiful granite counter tops. We are going somewhat economical on this whole deal so my new kitchen might not look like every one's dream, but I can't wait.

I'm once again on a "Daniel fast". I did it last year for the first three weeks in January and although my life didn't automatically get rained on by God's blessings...or has it and I've been unaware??? but it was one of those things where you just know you are being obedient and that's a blessing in itself. I WILL post more about this over the next few days, especially because of what I've been learning about food. A daniel fast is basically like eating in the Garden of Eden. I'm sure I'll be able to post this years positive results soon, but last year I remember having so much extra energy and feeling so good. My husband remembers me chasing him around the house looking for loves! Seriously, it's amazing what some extra energy can do for a girl! Right now I'm feeling my body detoxify itself and it's not exactly fun! Well either I'm detoxing or discovering that beans are not really my friend...

I've had a lot of heaviness on my heart too. My Christmas was not so much fun and the couple weeks after and before weren't that great either. I mean, we had a lovely Christmas and I was really happy with our kids and all, but I just had something else going on. I'll probably share a little more about that.

So aren't you glad I came back with nothing but teasers?!?

My new years resolutions are this...1. eat better, 2. love better and 3. write!

Happy New Year!

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