Friday, December 18, 2009

Sometimes it's better not knowing...

Because when you have the information you have to do something with it, you can no longer go along in ignorant bliss. So, I've heard all this stuff about where our meat comes from and so far I've really looked at things from a mom point of view. I was concerned about the amount of hormones in milk and meat because I have girls (I imagine it's not good for boys either) and I didn't want them developing breasts at the age of 5 and having to deal with their period when they turn 8, know what I mean???

So, I usually chose natural meat and organic milk...usually. I limited fast food because common sense told me that would be the worst when it came to things like that, but we haven't avoided it altogether. After all, it is convenient when we're out to run through the McDonald's drive through and pick up something from their dollar menu.

But then I watched the documentary Food Inc. You can also find out about more about it at

Now I'm stuck with what I'm going to make for our family Christmas party tomorrow. I was planning on making a ham, but after watching how they treat the pigs and the workers who work in the slaughter houses I just can't. I'm not a big animal rights person, but it was just ridiculously cruel.
I won't give you a bunch more details. I already talked Bill's ear off and we agreed to do some things differently so I'll just tell you those and the reasons behind it.
  • Buying meat from self sustaining local farms. These farms are small and seem to focus on producing a healthy product for their customer, rather than growing to be the biggest and richest businesses in the country. Because of that these people have an uphill battle against the big meat companies and their lobbies ts in Washington.
  • Buying grass fed local beef. Feeding cows corn actually makes them more acidic which makes it more likely the cow will have ecoli or some other bacteria and also makes our bodies more prone to infection.
  • Planning ahead to avoid fast food. I admit, the times that we do stop and get fast food is because I did not plan ahead and simply bring something from home, or better yet, plan on being at home around meal time.
  • Making stuff from scratch. We all know the benefits of less processed and preserved food.
  • Making salmon for Christmas dinner. They didn't say anything about the fishing industry and I would think that with a wild salmon I should be safe. If that movie comes out I'm NOT watching it!


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I've been dealing with this since Summer... My daughter is super sensitive to all the chemicals in all our food, including MSG related things, and corn related products... Once I began to research it, I stood in Trader Joes and had to hold back tears. My husband asked me what the deal was, and I just said, "Honey, I have NO idea what to buy for us!"

It's sooo hard to not be able to do any fast food at all. But I'm slowly learning.

I need to see this movie. I have heard a ton about it.

Blessings and Merry Christmas.... and happy food preparing!
Much love,

Christabelle said...

I felt this way after I read the meat chapter in Fast Food Nation. It was pretty grotesque.

I don't know...the PETA people might have an issue with salmon eating! Not too long back they had a protest against a fish throwing demonstration. I'm pretty sure they'd think the salmon needs to stay in the water.


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