Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Liners

I wrote about my blogger and facebook ban and I'm sorry to have to admit but that's been overwith for a month. I've returned to FB and have posted all sorts of clever one not really, I'm more of an obsessive lurker I have to say. But I was just thinking blogging was the thing I was missing, not Facebook. And actually because of Beth Moore's nice little post this morning I am going to take another much needed break from Facebook since it's become more of a nervous tick for me. She quoted 1 Corinthians 10:23 "Everything is permissible"—but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible"—but not everything is constructive.

So, I'm going to be random and give you a few little one liners (with a little explanation added because I'm wordy).

  1. I got the best workout last night dancing crazy with my kids! I actually got a new worship CD by this band called "Jesus Culture" and when put it in both Ruby and Brayden started dancing. So, we just went crazy jumping and and rocking out to the loud songs and twirling and leaping to the slow songs. They loved it, especially when Mommy ignored all her own safety warnings and swung them around in circles by their arms;)
  2. The flu is finally gone! Not H1N1. According to Lemonade Making Mama this still could be in my future! But no we had the tummy bug and the question that I previously posted on FB was "why do kids always start throwing up in the middle of the night?" Seriously, and then the next day they would feel all better and be ready to go and I'd be completely exhausted! Ugh, glad it's over though, but what a week.
  3. We're heading to the mountains. This is our second try at heading over to our family's cabin way over on the other side of the state. We tried in April, but there was still two feet of snow on the ground. The snow is long gone, but summer came and went and I don't know how we stayed so incredibly busy, but now's the time to go. It is going to snow soon again. And this leads me to my next post...
  4. Pray for sun and beautiful leaves:) I can't wait to head over the North Cascade Highway, which is supposed to be the most beautiful drive in Washington. I have only heard and never seen so I can't wait. I love love love driving and looking at Fall leaves. Especially with my handsome husband and a thermos of Starbucks. Expectations high? Yes! Can that lead to some sort of disaster (ie argument, fight, pouty pity part)? Potentially, but let's hope not;)
  5. I have missed blogging! I can't wait to really get back into the swing of things and share with you all the amazing things that have been happening. When I do I want to figure some things out like how to use other fonts because this one is okay, but I detest Helvetica and all of its relatives. I'm also trying to tap into my creative side (it's there, but seems to have been hiding under piles of laundry) and try to....just do something creative (the what will have to come later). I'm not a crafty person (although I love getting ideas from other people and copying them) and I can't sew aprons or make stuff for etsy, but I know there's some outlet for the right side of my brain. Maybe I'll discover it this weekend while on my drive...oops there I go again with the crazy expectations. Okay, sorry you are having to witness my internal argument, but I'm going to just try to enjoy myself this weekend and rest. Hmmm...
  6. I need a new good book. Any suggestions? I like everything except for throw away novels....what kind of statement is that?! My favorites are books that inspire me in some way and don't leave me asking "Why God why??" at the end of in other words, nothing with Oprah's name on it;)

Have a good weekend:)


Christabelle said...

:) Its so good to see you on here again!

Megan said...

My mom and I are going over to Moses Lake tomorrow and then spending the day in Leavenworth on Saturday, taking pictures of the leaves...the main reason for going! =D Can't wait to see your pics! I don't think I've ever been over the North Cascade Highway either. Hope you and Bill have a great time. Are the kids going?

Glad the tummy bug has left the house, too!! Icky!

I've got a bazillion books {that I haven't read}. You're welcome to borrow a couple if you want, but that'd mean you have to come over and look through them. lol

And now that you're all well, we NEED to find a time to get together! It's been way too pathetically long since we've seen each other!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

So good to see you back girl! I hope the swine does not come back for ya...


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