Friday, September 11, 2009

Just a small break from my ban

I'm sorry! I should have told you what I was doing since I just ended with the Not Me Monday post.

I lead the bible study at our church with lots of help of a couple of other lovely ladies, mind you! After our Spring Women's Retreat my brain was full of questions, ideas and visions I guess you could say. One central theme was mainly on my mind and that was the desire to know who God is. I saw this need come up over and over again at the retreat and so for the first part of the summer I re-familiarized myself with the Psalms. What better place to see who God is right?

So, out of that came an idea for the Fall bible study.

I thought I'd have plenty of time during the summer to search the bible and make up study questions and have it all put together by the start of the Fall.

I feel like I write better on the computer because I am constantly cutting, pasting and rewording...I am a habitual self's horrible!

But every time I got on the computer all you blogger friends called my name. And then there's facebook and I just have to know when people are going to bed and eating dinner and shopping at did I ever get through life without knowing that stuff. Not to mention analyzing people's cryptic messages ending with dot dot dot.

So I banned myself...and I've been getting a lot done, but I'm only halfway there. Here's the cover...

I'll be back soon writing and reading what you have to say and commenting:) Although fasting from facebook has been like coming out of a dark house and wondering what that bright round ball is up in the sky, I have really REALLY missed reading blogs!

And you might be interested in a bulleted style summary of my life these past few weeks so here you go.

  • I survived the summer!
  • School started and Emma started Kindergarten. On her first full day of school she caught the bus. When she got on the bus driver, who's been their bus driver for years, exclaimed "Who's this?" That's all it took. I held back threatening tears and waved goodbye to my baby.
  • We got a puppy. This was a birthday present for my daughter Shariah, six months late. We got it for her because I felt she was old enough to take responsibility for the dog which she does, but I guess I forgot something in my planning...the night shift. We had a couple of rough nights and after trying to stick Bailee (that's her name) in a kennel she went for a day refusing to eat. So, now we've got an "arrangement". She's in our bed! But I'm getting sleep! I had to come to realize what was really important.
  • Bill got paid in stuff! He did a job and didn't get paid because the company is filing bankruptcy. Um, not good because we were pretty much completely depending on that money to survive the current month. But instead, since they were closing their store, they paid us in "stuff" like all new kitchen cabinets, flooring, hardware, carpet, etc. So, I guess I'm going to get a kitchen remodel, but I'm wondering how we're going to pay our bills.
  • I'm either going crazy, am in denial or I'm learning something about faith....can't tell which one it is, but while I wrote that last bullet, I didn't shed a tear and was actually smiling!
  • I'm reading a great book which a friend recommended called "Don't Make Me Count to 3!" Doesn't it sound good? I can't wait to tell you how this book, which is supposed to address issues with 2-4 year olds is helping with our preteen!
  • Bill got hurt. Yep, and still I'm smiling...crazy? Maybe...He re injured his knee. He was in a motorcycle accident when he was 15 and had to have surgery. He got a screw put in and the part of the ligament that goes over the top of the knee never attached fully so he's always had problems with it. It also made it easy for him to hyper extend it which is what happened and he tore one of the tendons from the bone. I guess tendons are pretty important in helping us bend our knees and put weight on our legs so he's on crutches and I'm pulling double duty around this house. He's meeting with an Orthopedic surgeon right now as I write this to see what he says....please pray for us about this if you think of it.

So, I'll leave you today with a couple of verses I've been hiding in my heart as life continues to throw us curve ball after curve ball...

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Hebrews 13:8

Forever oh Lord, Your Word is settled in heaven.

Psalm 119:89


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh so thankful for the update... you can just get so attached to people through this crazy blog world, and when you don't hear from them in a long time, you actually MISS them, as funny as it sounds. (and I really did miss you) I'm so glad you are well... and happy you posted an update. I hope your husband is feeling better.

Blessings friend,

Kellie said...

So glad you stopped in to your blog for an update. You have been busy!

Your bible study sounds awesome! Looking forward to hearing more!

Christabelle said...

Now I want to know more! Glad God's teaching you so much. Have a blessed day!


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