Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My prayer today

Let the glory of your name fill this temple
I come before your throne
With nothing to offer you my King
Except a contrite spirit and a broken heart
Fill me with your love
Fill me with your grace
Accept my words as an offering of praise
Where can I go where you can not be found?
You’ve shown your faithfulness in the lowest depths
You’ve raised me up high above my sorrows
You’ve set my feet upon you my Rock
And yet I long to be with you
In the glory of your throne room
Overcome with hunger I boldly come
Thirsty for your water I drink of your words
I cry out to you and wait in the silence
And you speak to me
And all I hear is love
I praise you from my core, my inmost being
For you are my ever-present help
Holy and majestic, you are everything to me
Let the glory of your name fill this temple
And let your praises continually be on my lips


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