Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sorry for the somewhat mess here. I'm figuring out some of blogger's new design features and obviously they haven't worked out all of the kinks! ;)


Playing Sublimely said...

Hey Jewel,
I have been meaning to get back with youabout the art camp. I wish I had a "formal, detailed" explanation, but I do not ;)! It was very casual, I just asked my friends to bring over their kids and let me do art with them for the week. I scrounged up art materials around the house, and then bought the rest at Hobby Lobby. I did not charge anything, but they all would have been happy to have paid, I just was trying this out so I didn't feel comfortable charging for an experiment. I hope some of this helps, but kind of fear it will be no help to you at all :)...thanks for reading along with me!

Megan said...

Lookin good! =)

The buttons towards the bottom, if you don't want them to be crammed together then after the html for each you can put:
< br > {without spaces}
and then < / br > {again, without spaces} and it will make them be in just a long line. If you want them to be centered do the same thing as above but replace the br with center. =)


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