Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I really enjoy most of Focus on the Family's broadcasts but on Monday night I was flipping through the set radio stations in my car and clicked it away from Focus because the broadcast was already half over, but I heard a still small voice say "Turn it back and listen to that". I had to be obedient and I heard the most amazing testamony. Click on and find the broadcast from September 1, 2008 called "Rescued by the Hand of God". David and Barbara Anderson have an amazing story about how they were rescued from a plane crash.

The part that really spoke to me was when Barbara talked about her own experience. She talked about how she had to let go of her lifesaving floatation device in order to be rescued. She didn't talk about the spiritual symbolism in that but I thought 'what "lifesaving devices" keep me from reaching up to God?'. Then she talked about how after several rescue attempts she slipped from the helicopter and found herself in the water once again. She completely gave up and accepted her death but while she floated on her back the word "Jesus" was on her lips. At that moment the rescue worker came to right above her and yelled out "I am here!"

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