Sunday, February 10, 2008

Creative Writers' Group

Thursday was the first meeting of our writer's group and it went well. I thought the best part was being able to share ideas.

Jenny told us about where you can enter weekly contests and have an opportunity to be published in their quarterly books. To be published isn't the only benefit of this website, because you will also be able to practice topic writing and meeting deadlines.

Every good writer knows that reading is a must, especially literature, particularly classic literature. Nicole told us about Project Gutenberg, a website that publishes books older than 100 years which you can download and read on your computer. Find out more at

I gave information on the upcoming Northwest Christian Writers Conference, taking place May 2 – 3rd at Northwest Baptist Church. I attended the conference last year and it was definitely worth the time and money. Tickets are $139 before March 15th and $159 after. Go to for more information.

Next month you have the option to bring a piece of writing to share with the group. If you’d like some peer critique bring several copies and make sure the piece is double spaced. This is a good opportunity if you have an article that you’re thinking about submitting to a magazine or newsletter, or if you’ve been working on a book. If you need an idea you can choose one of the following topics:
Topic One: Something you had to overcome
Topic Two: The funniest part about being a mom

The objective is to receive constructive criticism to help make your writing better, but even so I know it can be scary to put your writing out there like that. I think that if you take the risk you'll learn it was well worth it. I will say that it is optional though and if you don't have a piece of writing to share don't let that stop you from coming.

I really want this group to be one that we encourage each other to use our gifts of writing. See you March 6th at 7:00 p.m. And again if you know of anyone else who might be interested pass along the info.

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